Suzuki Violin


Certification from the Suzuki Association of the Americas to teach Suzuki students from Pre-Twinkle through Book 10.  Experience teaching beginners through college/adult level.

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Traditional Violin Lessons

Ten years of experience teaching beginners through college/adult level using a wide variety of repertoire.

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Traditional Viola Lessons

Experience teaching beginner through college level viola lessons.

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Suzuki Violin Lessons

          The Suzuki Method, also known as "The Mother Tongue Method" was developed in Japan by Shinichi Suzuki.  Dr. Suzuki was inspired by the fact that children can effectively learn to speak their native language through listening to their parents and to the people around them.  During their early years, children absorb all the words that they hear until they are able to reciprocate those sounds to form words of their own.  

          Dr. Suzuki realized that children can learn to play the violin the same way; through immersion of sound.  This can be achieved by listening to their songs daily, learning in a positive environment, and having proper instruction.  The Suzuki Method is all about teaching to the heart of the child, and providing a "can't fail environment" to build self confidence and positive thinking.  Playing the violin is not always about turning your child into a famous virtuosi, or to have a profession in the music industry.  It is about:

  • Self Discipline

  • Focus

  • Attention to detail

  • Fine and Broad Motor Function

  • Connection with the Parent

  • Involvement with the Community

  • Concentration

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Confidence

  • Problem Solving

  • Responsibility

  • Caretaking

  • Respect

  • Artistry


          Katelyn Lyons Peaden has been teaching violin for 10 years, and has experience teaching students of all ages.  Katelyn is currently accepting students in her private studio from ages 4 - adult!  Katelyn's teaching style is energetic and invigorating, leaving students motivated and excited.  Her goal is to boost self confidence in students, while meeting high expectations in their playing and technical foundation.  

Traditional Violin Lessons

Traditional Violin Lessons differ from Suzuki Violin Lessons only in terms of the repertoire and materials used to teach the student.  Katelyn's expectations and lesson goals are equivalent to those stated above.  

Beginner/Intermediate Viola Lessons

Katelyn Lyons Peaden offers beginner to intermediate viola lessons.  Katelyn has taught beginners up through the college level.  Viola is a wonderful instrument, and Katelyn enjoys helping students learn how to pull out the rich, deep sound that only a viola can produce.


Weekly lessons are offered in Katelyn Lyons Peaden's studio and online via Facetime, Zoom, and Skype.

cell:  301 - 247 - 1531

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